Reddi Cares

Thank you for popping over to REDDI CARES! It’s always been our way to give back to the community, but we thought it would be special to invite the community to join us.

Share Ideas and Experiences

We created this site for everyone to share ideas as well as their own experiences. We’re determined to make 2017 an amazing year through random gestures of kindness, well-timed gifts, and sincere encouragement.

Acts of caring kindness don’t need to be complicated!

A simple smile, waving someone ahead of you in line, or paying for a stranger’s movie ticket are just a few of the inspired-in-the-moment ways you can show you care. The funny thing about making a little effort is you can’t help but feel good yourself. Join us in creating a life full of caring and joy!

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Want to show you care? Here are some ways you can help

  • Donate blood
  • Compliment a person
  • Offer to take a picture for a group taking a selfie
  • Leave inspirational notes in unexpected places
  • Write a letter (or a postcard) and mail it
  • Pick up litter at the end of your lunch break
  • Bake something tasty for a neighbor
  • Offer your seat when it’s crowded
  • Pay for someone’s coffee
  • In a drive-thru, pay for the order behind you
  • Make a meal for someone who needs it
  • Let someone check out before you at the grocery store
  • Volunteer at a school
  • Hold the door open for someone